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Will The Next Doctor Be Luke Treadaway or Sacha Dhawan?
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New names have entered the picture to succeed Peter Capaldi as the impending 13th Doctor, seemingly casting some shade on recent rumours that Kris Marshall was a lock for the role.


Luke Treadaway and Sacha Dhawan are the latest two names to be suggested by the media, with Dhawan already being a familiar name to Doctor Who fans, having had a starring role in An Adventure in Space and Time, the 50th anniversary docudrama charting the beginnings of Doctor Who, pictured above.

Speaking in March Sacha confirmed he would love to replace Peter Capaldi on the show.

“Oh my God, I’d absolutely love to. I SO would love to. I’ve worked with [Mark Gatiss] quite a lot, and I think I’d bring something really exciting to it. It’d be incredibly nerve-wracking to do to be honest. It’s quite a lot of pressure.”

Dhawan’s other work includes Sherlock, 24: Redemption, Line of Duty, The Tractate Middoth, The History Boys and the Telltale Games adaptation of Game of Thrones. Olivier award-winning Luke Treadaway’s work meanwhile includes Sky’s Fortitude (co-starring with Christopher Eccleston), Vicious, Attack the Block, Clash of the Titans and the National Theatre’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

With producers having allegedly ruled out casting the first female Doctor and looking for a return to the young male model of Tennant/Smith, both actors have to be considered strong contenders for the forthcoming role.

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