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*Spoilers* Peter Harness Teases Huge Cliffhanger During Series 9
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The new format for Series 9, which so far is made up of all two-part stories, has left fans excited at possibilities in storytelling and scope and of course for the long awaited return of the famous Doctor Who cliffhanger… with Peter Harness teasing that he has a huge one ready and waiting… (titter ye not!)

The Zygons also make their return!

Speaking to Digital Spy, Harness, who will be writing not only the returns of UNIT, Kate Stewart and Osgood but the return of the Zygons as a main protagonist, said it was unbelievable he was bringing back so many favourites:

“It’s a bit unbelievable to be bringing [the Zygons] back again – and also Osgood as well, another fan favourite. It’s a privilege to be telling a story about those two, and I think it’s quite an exciting story as well. Unfortunately I’ve got two fan favourites in my hands now, which can only set me up to disappoint people!”

Despite his fears of disappointment, Peter promises the biggest possible cliffhanger to the end of part one:

“It’s nice to do a cliffhanger and I tried to do the biggest cliffhanger I possibly could.”

Peter Harness’ episodes will be the seventh and eighth of the forthcoming series which will air this coming autumn/fall.


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