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Scary Doctor Who Cameo in New Witcher 3 Game
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Winning rave reviews from game outlets, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third game in the ongoing Witcher franchise from Polish developer CD Projekt RED, published by Bandai Namco… … and it seems there’s a few Doctor Who fans at CD Projekt RED from the evidence of this hidden easter egg in the game!

“The world burns as the Empire of Nilfgaard pierces through the heart of the kingdoms in the north. Geralt of Rivia is pursued by an enemy devoid of mercy-the Wild Hunt, a mythical cavalcade of ghastly riders, harbingers of doom and destruction, capable of destroying entire settlements overnight. Driven by a deeply personal agenda, Geralt must navigate a maze of hostile forces to find and protect the one described in an ancient prophecy. Gritty and merciless, the world the adventure plays out in sets new standards in terms of size, ecosystem complexity and meaningful non-linearity. Experience realistic day and night cycles, observe weather changes that influence gameplay, and conquer the lush environment using arcane witcher lore.”

And the Doctor Who easter egg? Here’s a clue – don’t blink!


How to find the hidden Doctor Who easter egg in the Witcher 3

Travel to the church near Lindenvale and you’ll see a pair of odd-looking statues standing outside.

Explore inside the church and return outside – wait, was that statue facing towards you before?

Turn to leave the area, then look back over your shoulder. Where did the statue go?!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available no on Playstation 4, X-Box One and Windows.

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