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Russell T. Davies Reveals That A New Doctor Has Now Been Cast
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Former Doctor Who show-runner Russell T. Davies has revealed that a new Doctor has now been cast, the Thirteenth Doctor set to replace Peter Capaldi this Christmas… and Davies knows exactly who it is!

Speaking to Andy West at the recent LGBT awards and reported by Guys Luke U, Davies was asked his thoughts on a female Doctor and, after remaining noncommittal, admitted “I do know who it is” indicating that the decision has already been made.

The comments pertaining to Doctor Who begin at the 3:26 mark:

With filming set to begin this coming week on the Christmas special, a casting announcement should not be unexpected and some rumours suggest we may in fact see more than one new Doctor cast for the coming special…

Can we please drop the political correct bullshit about having the next Doctor be not white, middle aged and british. If you want a non white or straight Doctor, create your own version and leave the original alone.


Eric Draven
From the comments

Doctor Who returns tonight meanwhile with Peter Capaldi very much still with us in The Empress of Mars, airing at 7:15pm on BBC One and 8/9c on BBC America…. and watch out for a special Pertwee era cameo!


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