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Russell T. Davies to Contribute to New Doctor Who Poetry Book
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The BBC have announced a new collection of Doctor Who poetry to be released ahead of World Poetry Day.. with a surprising illustrator – Russell T. Davies.

A humorous riff on Now We Are Six, the new collection, Now We Are Six Hundred, “is a charming, funny and whimsical collection of poems that celebrate the joys and pitfalls of getting older. Much, much older. Time-Lord older. And sometimes, in space.”

Former show-runner Russell says that he has been drawing Doctor Who for many years prior to his official involvement with the show:

“I’ve been drawing for Doctor Who long before I was writing it, so it was like time-travel for me, voyaging back to that young scribbler who used to cover his school desk with Daleks!”

The synopsis reads:

“As they get older, even Time Lords sometimes struggle to understand the universe around them. In this delightful collection of poems – the first volume of Doctor Who verse ever published – there are moments of insight, wit and reassurance for those aging inhabitants of Gallifrey, all of which will sound hilariously familiar.”

BBC Books Publishing Director Albert DePetrillo says:

“This is a book I’ve long wanted to publish, and James and Russell have realised the idea brilliantly, well beyond anything I’d hoped. It’s something very special, a unique gift for every Doctor Who fan. For full effect, please be sure to read these poems aloud to your friends, preferably more than once.”

James Goss meanwhile says:

“BBC Books have carefully baited an irresistible trap to lure people into reading poetry. Russell’s beautiful illustrations make this the most charming Doctor Who book there’s ever been (and I’m including that magical first Doctor Who book you discovered as a child). The poems have been a delight to work on. Who could resist retelling the fiendish Daleks’ Masterplan in verse, or finding bizarre and ludicrous rhymes for monster names?”

Doctor Who: Now We Are Six Hundred will be released in hardback on September 14, it can be pre-ordered via this Amazon link.

Doctor Who: Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Time Lord Verse (Dr Who)

New From:£3.87 GBP In Stock
Release date September 14, 2017.

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