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Pearl Mackie Suggests Doctor’s Granddaughter is in the Vault, Talks Getting the Part & Leaving
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Pearl Mackie has set fan tongues wagging online by suggesting that it could be the Doctor’s granddaughter locked inside the vault, along with discussing how she got the part of Bill and thoughts on potentially leaving the series.

Speaking as a guest on ITV’s This Morning, Mackie was suggestive on the contents of the vault:

“It could be loads of daleks in there or it could be the Doctor’s granddaughter. Who knows? You’ll have to see.”

There have been several references to Susan already this season, including a photograph on the Doctor’s desk and Bill referring to the Doctor as “grandfather” during the events of Knock, Knock.

Pearl also revealed she was still uncertain on her future with the show:

“I don’t know – well, it’s not up to me I don’t think – but I feel like Peter is the most wonderful doctor and I think the dynamic he and I have playing the Doctor and Bill really works, that’s not to say it wouldn’t work with a new Doctor. But yeah, I think it’s always a new adjustment getting a new doctor and that dynamic is different because you’re different actors and characters.”

The actress also revealed how she had no idea it was Doctor Who she was auditioning for when she first tried for the part:

“It’s sort of a secret, the casting, they don’t put out the fact that they’re looking for the doctor’s new companion because I think every agent would be like everyone go up for it. So it was advertised as Mean Town which is an anagram of woman ten which is the tenth companion so when I first got the call I didn’t even know it was Doctor Who. Then I had one round with the casting director and then a second round where I met Steven Moffatt and Brian Minchin, the exec producer, Andy Prior, the casting director, his assistant was filming and I was reading with Peter in the Soho Hotel and I was like this is absolutely insane.”

Pearl Mackie returns as Bill in Extremis, airing this Saturday at 7:45pm.

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