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Patrick Ness Rules Out Returning to Class, Only Faint Hope of Season 2
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Class writer Patrick Ness has ruled himself out of writing any more Class, even if the show is recommissioned for a second season, something he describes as being “a faint hope”

Writing on Twitter, Ness said it was a decision made with “unbelievable regret,” and praised the experience:

Ness praises both BBC Three and BBC America for their support with the show, while highlighting issues with scheduling which many believe led to lower ratings than would have been expected for a show that received praise from the press and fans alike

Patrick also praises the fans and their support during his time with the show

The show had been beset from the outset by poor scheduling and promotion, Episode One which featured Peter Capaldi received 660,000 views on the BBC iPlayer with ratings staying low throughout the show’s run, despite a positive reaction from many sections of the press and being nominated for TV Programme of the Year by the Diversity in Media Awards. None of Class‘ eight episodes made it into the weekly top 50 on-demand shows.

Reports just this past week indicate that the BBC are planning a new Doctor Who spin-off to replace Class.


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