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New Charity Doctor Who Songbook in Aid of Mental Health
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Long Scarf Publications are to release a follow-up to their popular Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book, this time taking on the world of song with The Unofficial Doctor Who Songbook.

Co-written by John Davies and Christopher Samuel Stone, The Unofficial Doctor Who Songbook is being produced in aid of mental health charity Mind.

The synopsis reads:

“Did you know Logopolis was inspired by the song Hotel California? Did you know Don MacLean gave David Whitaker the idea for Enemy of the World? or did you realise that the original title for one of Meat Loaf’s biggest hits was Cat Out of Hell? After much research (well barely any really) the authors have managed to discover the “original” lyrics to many well-known songs. For the first time they are published in one volume for your pleasure and enjoyment.”

Numbers of The Unofficial Doctor Who Songbook are limited, so order today!

For Christopher Samuel Stone, the collection has been a labour of love:

“I started the book some time ago and with John’s help and contributions, he motivated me to put it together. Raine Szramki and Ian Wells have provided many brilliant illustrations to make things come alive.”

Mind, the charity for which The Unofficial Doctor Who Songbook is in aid of, offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf. It also works to raise public awareness and understanding of issues relating to mental health. Christopher says it’s an issue close to his heart:

“I have suffered many mental health issues over the past few years, and with the government’s cuts to the NHS and especially mental health services, this seemed a great cause… It is also a companion (of sorts) to the Limerick Book which I did with the wonderful Jenny Shirt and you have the opportunity to buy them both together.”

The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book, which was also produced in aid of Mind, raised £451.49 for the charity and is described as containing “funny, poignant or just silly limericks related to Doctor Who

Both The Unofficial Doctor Who Songbook and the double package with The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book are available now from the Long Scarf Productions website ( with prices starting from just £8 for the single volume and £16 for the double package. Please also consider following Long Scarf on Facebook:

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