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Michelle Gomez Teases on Master/Missy Conflict, How She Returns, Role in Extremis
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Might a showdown of universal proportions be in the offering between The Master and Missy? Michelle Gomez hints that things might not quite so amicable between the two incarnations of the villainous Time Lord as we may think.

Speaking with the Radio Times, Gomez revealed that Missy and the Master don’t initially get along, a trait they share with several of the Doctor’s incarnations in multi-Doctor stories:

“Well, it’s not going to be very exciting to watch if there’s no conflict… you’re going to find out that everything that happens is all a bit odd”

She also said she was unsure how much Missy we would get this year:

“I don’t know, that depends on how they cut it. They might have cut all my bits – I never take anything for granted. Last thing I know I think I was in episode 6, I think I made it through to that. But all the other stuff might be on the cutting-room floor.”

And, asked if her role this week is as a cameo, Michelle seemed to confirm that she won’t be the featured villain:

“Yeah, you’re just gonna have to pay attention. That’s all I want to say. When you watch episode 6.”

Michelle Gomez returns to Doctor Who this Saturday at 7:45pm in Extremis.

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