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Michelle Gomez Left Shocked At John Simm’s Return To Doctor Who
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Missy actress Michelle Gomez has revealed how she was surprised by the return of John Simm as The Master, only discovering the news at the Series 10 read-through.

Missy returns this Saturday in Extremis

Speaking to the Radio Times, the actress reveals that, having decided not read the script in advance, she was surprised to see her predecessor present and left shocked at events to come:

“Well, you’re going to find out that everything that happens is all a bit odd, and it’s all about the shock yes, it’s all about the shock. Because I didn’t really know that was happening until the read-through, because I hadn’t read the script. I thought, ‘Oh I’ll just leave it this year, and at the read-through I’ll really enjoy it all unfolding as we all get together. And I walked into the read-through and John was sitting there. It didn’t even register – I thought ‘Oh it’s John, it’s nice to see John.'”

John Simm last appeared as The Master in The End of Time on New Years Day 2010

Michelle also had high praise for the script and writer Steven Moffat:

“It’s fantastic. That’s the thing about Steven Moffat – you never know what’s going to happen next. And even when you’ve been in the show – this has been three years now – there’s no time to ever get too comfortable, or rest on your laurels, because there’s always going to be something. He always pulls the rug from under your feet. And he presented John and I with a really exciting acting challenge, which I think hopefully has worked.”

Michelle Gomez returns to Doctor Who this Saturday in Extremis, airing at 7:45pm on BBC One.

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