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Mark Gatiss Talks Christmas Special, Claims Script is One of Moffat’s Best Ever
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Mark Gatiss has spoken on his thoughts of the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, lauding praise on the script and calling it one of Steven Moffat’s “best ever”.

Speaking at the Victoria & Albert Museum members’ talk, Mark told audience members that the special is “beautiful” and even made him cry!

“I think the Christmas special, which is the only one this year, I think is one of Steve’s best ever scripts, absolutely beautiful, it made me cry.”

Mark will be providing a script for the forthcoming Series 10, having last written 2015’s Sleep No More

Gatiss wouldn’t be drawn on any plot details for the special or 2017’s Series 10 however, beyond the fact the Doctor is in it!

“What can you expect? The Doctor is in it. It’s great!”

Mr Gatiss, you do tease us with these revelations!

But Mark himself doesn’t want to be spoiled, revealing he actually knows little of what will be happening in the next series:

“I’ve read three scripts. I’ve seen a little bit. Just because of the new companion and things, but I don’t want to see it, because it spoils it! I am such a fan, I just want to watch it. Peter Capaldi’s first season, the second half of that I knew nothing about. And it was such a joy to watch the next time trailer and just be totally surprised. So I mean, I have to, to some extent, but I try and see as little as possible, because I don’t wanna spoil it.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One this coming Christmas Day with the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special. Series 10 will air sometime in April of 2017, also on BBC One. Or Channel 4, you never know these days.

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