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Kickstarter Highlight: The GallifreyArchive Book
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We take another one of our regular looks at the world of crowdfunding, highlighting the projects we see as the most deserving. This week, Daniel Whitaker is looking to fund his book…


Whether you’re a long time fan of the work that Big Finish does, or if you’re just looking to get into the world of audio dramas; The GallifreyArchive Book is the book for you! Consisting of the reviews of the first 50 Doctor Who Monthly Range audios, from The Sirens of Time up to Zagreus, The GallifreyArchive Book is the comprehensive guide as to which stories you should purchase and why, including contributions from some of the most well renowned WhoTubers and personalities from the fan world of Doctor Who.

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[su_note note_color=”#46a6dd” text_color=”#ffffff”]At the time of writing the project has received £345 of the requested £600. To contribute to this worthy project, please visit Kickstarter and donate today![/su_note]

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