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Indiegogo: New Indie Film Featuring Doctor Who Stars Seeks Funding
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A new independent film, Sundown, which is set to star Doctor Who luminaries Caitlin Blackwood, Frazer Hines and Sylvester McCoy, is looking for funding in a new Indiegogo campaign throughout this month.

Produced by Magic Monkey Films, an emerging Scottish Film Production Company and led by Award Winning and BAFTA nominated Director Ryan Hendrick and BAFTA Winning Producer David Newman, Sundown is described as “an emotional drama about life and time”.


Sundown is the story about how a person’s perception of life can change once they accept their own mortality. We go through life fearing death for the longest time. An inherent subconscious thought of a distant certainty. So when you reach a point in our lives when death looms, you can either deny the inevitable, or embrace your mortality and begin to live life unafraid of its conclusion.

Caitlin Blackwood as Abigail

Caitlin’s acting debut was in the 2010 series of the BBC’s Doctor Who as the young Amelia Pond. Caitlin is currently attached to play a role in our upcoming Scottish feature film Journey Bound.

Frazer Hines as William

Frazer is best known for his roles as Joe Sugdon in Emmerdale, Jamie McCrimmon in Doctor Who and Sir Fletcher Gordon in Outlander. To this day he remains a popular and busy actor on both stage and screen.


Sundown presents many logistical challenges that require additional funds. The perfect location for our film is on a small and remote Scottish Island, so a large portion of our budget will be spent covering location costs for the duration of the shoot. By contributing to this project you will be helping us to create a highly professional film that will have a very unique look and feel.”

Magic Monkey Films are looking to raise £10,000 to produce this film. This will enable the company to pay the cast and crew a modest fee for their services. It will allow Magic Monkey to rent the 4k camera technology including an aerial camera needed to display Scotland at its very best. A large percentage of the budget will cover essentials such as travel, accommodation and sustenance for the team. The money also contributes towards the post production, music recording, marketing and festival submissions. Magic Monkey will also be able to host two screenings of the film.

Choosing to contribute to Sundown you will have various options and perks available to you. From receiving a simple “thank you”, or receiving a signed DVD/Blu-ray of the finished film to attending VIP screenings with the cast, crew and special guests not to mention a fully IMDB credited Executive Producer.

Describing her approach to Sundown, co-writer Clare Sheppard says:

“This is a story that needs to be told. It is a journey that we all will face and how we face it defines us. We’ve all felt that desperate longing for simpler times, the hopeless certainty that someone will have the answers we seek. On the surface, William is on a journey we all must travel eventually, but dig a little deeper and you realise, his is a road we’re all already on.”

From a creative perspective this will provide an opportunity to see our stars Caitlin Blackwood and Frazer Hines portray very real and original characters, adding something completely new to their respective repertoires.


You can support the film by heading over to Indiegogo at this link: and pledging at little as £10.

Equally, if you love the project but you are unable to contribute financially, by sharing this campaign and spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and with your friends and colleagues you are helping this campaign to reach a wider audience. Please use the indiegogo share tools. Hashtags are also very important,  for this project please use the following;

#Sundown #indiefilm #scottishfilm #SupportIndieFilm #CaitlinBlackwood #FrazerHines


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