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Doctor Who Experience Closing Date and Events for Summer
"It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for"
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After many months of speculation, the BBC revealed that the much loved, Doctor Who Experience is to close on the 9th of September. Tickets for the final months will be available now from so if you want to visit the experience, now would be your final chance to go. A number of final events have also been announced.

Content from Series Ten will be added into the Experience, with the finished exhibition being unveiled on the 8th of July. This will include props, costumes and sets from Series 10.

From the 8th of July, the Filming Location Walking Tours will also return. These tours consist of a 75 minute walk in and around Cardiff Bay, featuring sites from Series Ten and memorable locations from previous series.

Earlier this year, fans were given the opportunity to vote for a classic Doctor Who monster that they’d most like to see restored. The winner being the Yeti from The Web of Fear getting 30% of the votes. Model Unit Supervisor, Mike Tucker, will unveil the monster in all its glory to visitors on the 8th July.

On 22nd of July, the final Monster Event will be hosted at the experience, with the theme being Cybermen. The day will include workshops and question and answer sessions with monster-makers, Millennium FX; a chance for fans to be converted into Cybermen; as well as live Mondasian Cybermen roaming the Experience floor. This day will be completed with a viewing of the final two-part episode of Series 10, first screened on BBC One on 24th June & 1st July, screened in the Experience’s exhibition area.

Finally on the 5th August, the Doctor Who Experience will hold its biggest Cosplay Celebration yet. Fans will be invited and encouraged to visit dressed as their favourite Doctor Who character or monster.

That’s not all as BBC Worldwide also stated that:

Fans should keep an eye on for news of additional events and features in the final weeks of the Experience. News of how we are planning further ways of taking Doctor Who directly to our audience, and how we are using the filming locations to continue the commercial presence of Doctor Who in Cardiff, will be communicated in due course.

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