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July 16, 2017

Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor!

After many months of speculation Jodie Whittaker has finally been announced as the 13th Doctor. The 35 year old will take over from Peter Capaldi in the upcoming Christmas episode. The reveal took place after the Wimbledon final with a short announcent video, which has put an end to the many months of speculation, sparked by Peter Capaldi’s announcement in January that he would be handing in his key to the TARDIS.  Jodie Whittaker is better known for her role of Beth Latimer in Broadchurch, but now will be known as the 13th Doctor and the first ever female incarnation of the Doctor.

When asked how she felt playing the first female incarnation of the popular Time Lord, she [...]

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July 2, 2017

The First Doctor Will Return for the Christmas Special

Following on from a multi-Master story, the Christmas episode will indeed be a multi-Doctor Story; featuring none other than the First Doctor, played by David Bradley.  After being mortally wounded by a Mondasian Cyberman, The Doctor Falls ended with the Twelfth Doctor refusing to regenerate, arguing “I will not change!” before hearing those same words repeated back to him.  The First Doctor then comes into frame telling the Twelfth Doctor “You may be a doctor, but I am the Doctor. The original, you might say.”

It is too early to speculate, but it looks like the 2017 Christmas episode will feature First and Twelfth Doctor helping each other come [...]

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June 27, 2017

Doctor Who Series 10 Review: World Enough And Time

Friendship drives the Doctor into the rashest decision of his life. Trapped on a giant spaceship, caught in the event horizon of a black hole, he witnesses the death of someone he is pledged to protect. Is there any way he can redeem his mistake? Are events already out of control? For once, time is the Time Lord’s enemy…

When the Cybermen returned to Doctor Who in 2006 Russell T. Davies neatly sidestepped their rather convoluted history by creating a new race of the silver warriors on a parallel Earth, affectionately known as Pete’s World. It was a bold but necessary move short of a complete reboot. The Cybermen had [...]

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June 26, 2017

Review: The Unofficial Doctor Who Songbook

Changing the lyrics of a song has been an effective hook for some of the most memorable adverts over the years: ‘What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a hexbug?’ It’s also been a superb form of parody with the likes of Weird Al re-immortalising old and new hits, turning “Happy” to “Tacky” and “Beat It” to “Eat it”. But for the most part it’s all just a bit of harmless fun, channelling the inner poet inside us all.

We’ve probably all been doing it since the days we were forced to sing hymns we didn’t believe or understand in school assemblies. We used to infuriate the [...]

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Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor!
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Review: The Unofficial Doctor Who Songbook
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