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September 14, 2016

Realtime’s Mindgame and Mindgame Trilogy to Get DVD Release This November

Koch Media, the company behind the rerelease of 1995’s Downtime, are to bring both instalment’s of Realtime’s Mindgame saga to DVD for the first time

Produced during the great hiatus, Mindgame (1997) and Mindgame Trilogy (1999) both star Ace actress Sophie Aldred and will be remastered on DVD under the combined title of Mindgame Saga. Featuring new “Making of” bonus features as well as a new retrospective documentary, the title will be released on November 14 of this year.

Mindgame by Terrance Dicks

For all fans of [...]

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September 7, 2016

Full Power of the Daleks Animation To Be Released This November

The 1966 lost classic Power of the Daleks is to be released this coming November in fully animated form the BBC has revealed.

“Landing on the planet Vulcan in 2020AD the Doctor, Polly and Ben are horrified to find two inanimate Daleks. They are even more alarmed when they discover that the colonists plan to reactivate the Daleks and use them as their slaves…”

The six part Power of the Daleks, the first to feature Patrick Troughton in the role of the Doctor, has long been considered one of the lost gems of the 1960s and while audio recordings, still photographs, telesnaps and clips of the story [...]

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December 22, 2015

Details for Complete Series 9 DVD/BluRay Revealed

BBC Worldwide have announced details of the forthcoming Complete Series 9 DVD and BluRay box-set, the set containing all 12 episodes from Peter Capaldi’s second series in the role with guest star’s Maisie Williams and Rufus Hound as well as the brilliant Missy (played by Michelle Gomez)
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May 8, 2015

Something in Ze Vorld Stopped It: Underwater Menace DVD Cancelled

Way back in January, Doctor Who Worldwide explored the troubled history of the Underwater Menace DVD release, from Episode 2‘s discovery in 2011 and the announcement that both the episode in question and Airlock, the missing third episode of Galaxy 4, would be given release dates later that year.

Airlock was released in March 2013 with no word as to when The Underwater Menace could be expected, the missing Episode 2 leaking to the internet just a few months later. By August the first concrete news on the release came from the Restoration Team as Steve Roberts stated he had no further commissions on the [...]

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