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September 9, 2016

Whatever Happened to The Power of the Daleks?

Fifty Years since its initial broadcast, The Power of the Daleks will finally be seen again, in newly animated form, when the BBC release all six episodes this coming November.

But what happened to the original film recordings?

The master tapes of the complete serial were erased at Villiers House in 1974 (even though they weren’t “officially” junked), while the additional 35mm film negative of Episode 6 was junked by the BBC Brentford film library some time prior to 1970. Due to an error on the library film card, there has been long speculation that the Brentford [...]

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January 8, 2016

The First Doctor: The Grandfather of Them All

The entire first six years of Doctor Who were shot in black-and-white, and upon first glance with the Doctor’s deep, dark black frock coat and shocking white hair he would appear to be just another old man. However, the First Doctor was a colourful character and a man of many contradictions, perhaps more than any other Doctor; the first Doctor was born of mystery and was far from black and white. He appeared old, yet he was young; cantankerous and kind. He appeared to be human yet he was a traveller from an unnamed time and an unnamed place: a wanderer in the fourth dimension. Both he and his young Granddaughter, Susan, had run away, exiles from their own society. Along the [...]

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June 9, 2015

It’s The End, But The Moment Has Been Prepared For…

To Be Continued…

Many of Doctor Who’s most iconic moments are those end of episode cliff-hangers, the dramatic hooks that ensure the viewers will tune in again for the next instalment. To be successful they need to provoke two reactions – the wow (“did that really just happen?” “that was unexpected” “that was edge of the seat stuff” etc.) and the how (“how will they get out of that one?” “How can the writer resolve this one?” “How will such and such a character react to that?” etc.). It was the brilliant combination of both that made the ending to The Stolen Earth one of the greatest Doctor Who cliff-hangers of all [...]

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May 27, 2015

Feature: A History of British Politics According to Doctor Who

Doctor Who has never been a show that has shied away from politics. From the politically aware 1970s that tackled issues such as environmentalism, colonialism and feminism to Aliens of London and World War Three, the show has tackled the issues head-on. But until the end of the Classic Series, it rarely featured the MP’s or Prime Minister of the day, preferring to deal through pompous civil servants such as Horatio Chin, the phone call from the minister or a mere mention of “received orders” or instructions.

The New Adventures, Big Finish and ongoing series changed all that, now the Prime Minister [...]

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