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June 1, 2016

Fanzine Round-Up: New Issues of Whotopia and Fish Fingers and Custard Available

Two new online fanzines are available now, the very different Whotopia and Fish Fingers and Custard.

Now in it’s 29th issue, the Canadian Whotopia Magazine presents an array of articles and opinion, including from one time DWW contributors Matthew Kresal and Dan Tessier! This month’s theme is reboots and restarts…

[su_note note_color=”#46a6dd” text_color=”#ffffff”]Whotopia #29[/su_note]

An Unnecessary War Doctor? Matthew kresal considers whether this incarnation was needed after all

Innes Lloyd: An Unwilling Warrior David P. May examines the critical influence of producer innes lloyd

What’s All the Fuss [...]

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May 21, 2015

Seasons Of War Charity Anthology and Short Film – Now Available

The world of Doctor Who spin-offs is a rich tapestry of creative goodness, populated by iconic and enduring characters such as Jago and Lightfoot, Captain Jack Harkness, Iris Wildthyme, The Minister Of Chance and Colonel Lethbridge Stewart. Through the medium of novels, short stories and audio dramas fans have plenty of avenues through which to continue their love affair with all things Doctor Who during series breaks. And that’s without watching repeats or recons of the 230+ tv adventures. New initiates to the worlds of Doctor Who soon discover that like the TARDIS it’s so much bigger on the inside than the outside.

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May 4, 2015

Last Chance: Get the Charity Unofficial Doctor Who Book Guide Now!

The Unofficial Doctor Who Book Guide, a complete guide to every Target novel ever published in aid of the Bobby Moore Cancer Fund, is available for another 24 hours only.

“The Doctor Who Book Guide from Long Scarf Productions is a book collectors dream as it covers every one of the titles released. In this comprehensive guide, the books are presented in story order and each edition of every book has a cover image and ISBN number and a value alongside the year of printing, price in fact a myriad of details that is all explained in context in the comprehensive introduction by [author] Chris [Stone]” – [...]

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January 7, 2015

Major Seasons of War Update: War Doctor Charity Anthology and Film Due This Month

After much speculation and anticipation, the War Doctor charity anthology Seasons of War is almost ready for release.

For those who’ve missed it, Seasons Of War – Tales From A Time War is a Doctor Who fiction anthology and film, an unofficial project, raising money for the Charity Caudwell Children.

The collection will feature work by a who’s who of Doctor Who writers – including names such as Lance Parkin, Gary Russell, David A. McIntee, Jim Mortimore, John Peel, Kate Orman, Jenny Colgan, Paul Magrs, George Mann, Matthew Sweet and Andrew Smith.

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